Digital Communications customized Database driven software applications will give you the freedom to manage your company's information the way you see fit. Our Database applications are not pre-packaged software, they are tailored to perfection for each individual company. Extensive training is no longer necessary. With our customized Database applications you and your employees can perform complex tasks with relative ease. Frustrations of using off-the-shelf products will be a thing of the past. Additionally, our products will integrate seamlessly with other Windows/NT/2000/XP and Unix software packages.

We can develop sophisticated and affordable Database applications for your company: from simple customer/data tracking to the merging of multiple external sources of information, from dynamic update queries to linking of local resources to the World Wide Web. We specialize in MySQL, SQL Server and Access which are three of the most powerful and widely used Windows/NT and Unix based Database backbones. Our extensive knowledge of built-in functionality of these Database systems along with our development experience in Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, Java, .NET, ADO, ODBC, and DAO will ensure high level of performance and customization of your Database applications.

We can also place your Databases on-line using ADO, ASP, PHP and JSP. You can access your data securely and timely from anywhere in the world even if your resources are centrally located. We employ secure transactions to make sure that no one has unauthorized access to your data. Internet Database connectivity is a powerful technology that is changing the way companies.

Database Design
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