Studio Equipment
Pro Tools 24-bit Mix:, Voice over booth

A digital, computer-based recording platform with numerous software processing modules, or "plug-ins," such as reverberation, noise removal, pitch shifting and many others. Recording and editing is "non-linear," which makes cutting, pasting, and overdubs extremely fast and easy. Computer data is mixed down to another format, such as DAT or CD, or archived onto 8 millimeter tapes or data CD for storage.

A digital platform that records to S-VHS tapes. The ADAT-XT format is extremely popular and is compatible with many other studios, but does not offer the same ease of editing as Pro Tools. Tapes are available in 42 and 60 minute lengths.

Tascam 1-inch:
The MS-16 has 8 channels of DBX Type 1 noise reduction.

Otari 1/2-inch:
An analog recorder that records 8 tracks onto a 1/2" piece of tape.

We also provide the following services
Pristine Live-to-2Track recording: Take advatage of our array of pre-amps and effects, Vaccuum tube bussing, and pristine Analog-Digital conversion to create an unparalleled live-mixed master
Digital 2nd analog multitrack recording
Direct-to-DAT or CD recording
Audio preparation for CD-ROM and the internet
Dubs to and from cassette, DAT, CD, vinyl (33/45/78), 1/4" tape and various multitrack formats in small quantities.
Use of studio and gallery space for artists' presentations, rehearsal and small performances
Use of large library of sound effects on compact disc
Telephone equipment for high-quality recordings of phone conversations or call-in radio broadcasts.
Remote recording to ProTools Hard Drive, Compact Disc or DAT (cost includes travel time)
Training programs in audio production
Volume discounts

Studio Policies
Acceptable methods of payment: Mastercard, Visa, personal check, cash.
Payments must be made immediately following each session unless other arrangements have been made.
24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Client is responsible for half of the scheduled recording time if the session is not cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the session.
Cassettes, DAT's, CDR's, Minidisc's, and a variety of tape materials can be purchased directly from Jack Straw. If client provides tape materials, Jack Straw is not responsible for results.
Sessions are billed as a minimum of one hour, and in 1/2-hour increments thereafter.

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