Jewel cases: the most popular way to package your CD or DVD. You can purchase them in the standard size or, to save space, purchase a slim line version. Most come in numerous styles and colors. These cases alone are not recommended for sending your multimedia through the mail. They should be used for storage purposes only.

CD Sleeves: More economical than the standard jewel case, CD/DVD sleeves provide an efficient way to store your multimedia. Since they are much slimmer than even the thinnest jewel case, they are a great way to store a large collection of CD's or DVD's. However, since they are made of paper or Tyvek they don't provide the protection that a jewel case does.

CD Mailers: these are perfect for mailing your multimedia. They provide excellent protection and are normally made from cardboard or plastic. Some even have insulation inside for added protection. You would use these mailers in conjunction with a jewel case, plastic case, or CD/DVD sleeves.

CD Plastics Case: a great way to store your CD's or DVD's. Their thin design is great for large collections. Made of durable, flexible plastic. Mailing this type of packaging is also not recommend since they are not rigid and could possibly bend your CD or DVD.

Multi-Disc Jewel Cases: great for storing your software or music. They provide an excellent way for you to store your similar disks and are offered in 2 disc, 3 disc, or 4 disk sizes. Mailing this type of case alone is not recommended.

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