Silk screen printing is the highest quality method for printing on the surface of CD & DVD discs. The discs are spindle wrapped.

Printing machines are used to decorate the CD & DVD disc. The discs are received from molding on spindle. The printing machine loads each disc on a round turntable and holds it in place by creating a vacuum under the disc. This along with the extremely tight tolerances of the turn table ensure an accurate registration between each color. The screen is placed in one of up to six print stations on each printing machine. Once the screen is placed into the machine the appropriate PMS color is added.

The print cycle consists of a Flood Bar that moves across the image in the screen leaving a consistent thickness of ink across the entire print area. Then a rubber urethane squeegee is lowered and moves quickly across the screen forcing the ink to pass through the screen in the open areas of the image. This creates an exact negative of the screen on the disc surface, resulting in an image identical to the original film positive. The turntable than rotates and places the disc under a high intense UV Light which cures the ink instantly.

This cycle repeats depending upon the number of colors to be applied to the disc surface. The printing machine prints at a cycle time of 75 discs per minute. Once completed the disc is then offloaded onto another spindle and moved to the packaging department.

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