A multimedia presentation delivers your company’s message in powerful video- and audio-rich applications. A powerful multimedia presentation, distributed on-line, or via a full-size or business-sized CD-ROM, can quickly separate you from the competition.

Digital Communications combines award winning designs with Macromedia Flash, Director. Power Point & other multimedia software applications to create visually exciting and dynamic web sites, presentations and interactive CD's.
Multimedia tools enhance the impact of your presentation. Audio visual media such as video, slides, CD-ROM and the Internet can provide strong support to the physical presentation of your products and services. They make it possible to visualize products & services and to provide three-dimensional explanations, as well as show equipment in 3-D simulation.

We help you take advantage of various application areas of this medium.

Such as :

CD Business Cards

Corporate Presentations

Product/Service Brochures

Interactive Catalogues

Computer Based Training Programs

Trade Show Presentations

Touch Screen Kiosks

A CD business card gives the customer an option to look at your presentation from the comfort of his office/home, its a proven fact that people keep CD business cards longer and even share them with colleagues.

Business card size CD-ROM
Fits into any standard PC or Mac CD-ROM. (Cross-Platform function.)
CD Business cards can reduce your catalog production and mailing costs forever
A CD Business Card can store up to 18,000 pages of searchable text, putting it all in the palm of your hand, it could contain your company introduction, 3D Model of your new product, Searchable product catalog or you entire website packed in to be browsed offline, These and more applications make CD Business Cards simply the most cost effective and engaging marketing tool ever.

We can create just the right combination of company catalogs, press releases, special event promotions, training materials, presentations, annual reports, and company overviews.

We can build stunning flash intros to keep users interested in your website longer, ensuring a greater chance of converting website hits to real business, this combination of sound, pictures and animation is particularly effective for attracting attention in an exhibition. It is also possible to make the presentation interactive so to enable the user to search the required information himself.

Flash gives tremendous freedom to create 2D and 3D objects in a very low size package optimized for the web, Flash can be used to develop interactive corporate introductions, presentations, games as well as complete websites with database driven content and forms.

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