Digital Communications specialists organize the encoded assets into the DVD authoring program. From there chapter points are added and various interactive links are connected. All connections; video, audio, menus and web links are checked and verified to work correctly in the emulation mode.

When all items are working correctly, the project is compiled and checked again in the DVD player as a DVD. After all is OK, it is than burned to a DVD-R and a DLT tape for replication.
DVD's can have the special feature of menus.

Menus with links / chapter points are helpful to the end user in deciding where they want to start viewing from and also the menu allows them to turn on and off other special features such as subtitles, different languages and surround sound. Menus on DVD's allow interactivity between the user and your DVD.

When you compare DVD to VHS you'll see there is no comparison:
VHSDVD250 linesPicture Resolution500 linesAnalog Audio FormatDigital 120 minutes Storage Capacity 240 minutesAt DQ3, we also have the ability of designing custom motion menus, rather then traditional still menus. This brings another dimension to your DVD

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