Kiosk offers the accessibility of an interactive multimedia station with the convenience of a small footprint. In addition, integrated poster frames ensure that your corporate message reaches both casual observers and kiosk users. Using either your organization’s own application or custom Internet software, PC-based applications in a public environment, becoming a fully featured plug-and-play Internet kiosk. What’s more, its sleek and durable design means it can be deployed indoors or outdoors, and tailored to any color scheme. The state-of-the-art configured PC works in tandem with several optional peripherals. For example, an integrated printer option allows more than 1,100 letter format printouts per roll.

Key Features 15-inch, flat-panel monitor Intel Pentium computer, dual-amplified speaker system. Sealed tactile feedback keyboard with stainless steel keycaps Sealed trackball leader in the design, production and implementation of standard and custom touch-screen, interactive public access terminals, or self-service kiosks. Digital Communications designs, develops and supplies standard and bespoke products and services worldwide to world-class industry recognized standards , and in accordance with key Social and Government compliance requirements, all with a high level of flexibility and ingenuity. These projects cover an array of diverse markets and solutions . These range from ticketing and information kiosks within the entertainment industry. Are you looking for the ideal medium to present your multimedia application or to provide easy and secure access to the internet? Do not look any further, Digital Communications systems’ 17" and 19" interactive kiosks: the ideal solution for point-of-information applications.

Our product range contains 17" and 19" multimedia and internet kiosks in following versions:
- free-standing
- free-standing with integrated stainless steel keyboard / trackball
- wall-mount
- desktop
All versions are available with wireless LAN.

Digital Communications System
We offer the best value in the market, using the highest quality components and materials available.
Digital Communications System touchscreens offer the most intuitive user interface
We apply the best touch screen technology in the industry:
Digital Communications Systemmultimedia kiosk is a very affordable and highly effective means for information delivery and in-store marketing
· promoting
· advertising
· acquiring and retaining customers
· informing and educating customers
Digital Communications System kiosks are both cost-effective and time efficient
They offer fast and effective access to products or services, available even when customer service or sales people are not: anytime, anywhere and above all at the user’s convenience.
Digital Communications Systemmultimedia kiosks can be applied in any setting
They can accommodate virtually any application and business environment, whether product and/or services sales-driven.

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