Custom Game Development
The development of computer games is a high-end task, both in the field of programming and in the field of creativity. This means we develop games from beginning to end on the basis of our own financial and human resources. The fact that we produce games enables us to execute our custom game development service qualitatively.

We can develop a wide range of PC games (ranked by difficulty):

CD-ROM PC game (highest quality, with impressive visual and sound effects, any genre: Arcade, RTS, Action, Sport Simulator, etc., both 2D & 3D games available)

Downloadable PC game (average sound and visual effects quality, simple 2D game, can be delivered via CD-ROM too)

Also we can develop games for the other platforms:
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance
Mobile Phones (Nokia, Motorolla, Samsung etc.)
Pocket PC
Palm OS computers

Whether you need a game developed for the consumer market or as a marketing resource tool, Digital Communications can provide you with exceptional quality at a fraction of the typical developmental costs.

Marketing Resource Tool
Games are a great way to grab a viewer's attention. Here are just a few ways you can use a customized game for your business:

Product or Company branding
Consumer online feedback
Unique corporate gift
Promotional tool
Data mining tool
Your uniquely designed game will help you get the buzz you need.

Direct Profit Source
The PC Consumer game market is as popular as ever. The sales from your customized game can provide a high ROI. Additionally, CDs can be distributed free for marketing purposes.
If you are interested in custom game development service, please Contact Us

Game Development Outsourcing
Also, we are looking to establish relations with Game Development Companies interested in outsourcing whole game development or portions thereof (programming & coding, 3D animation, classic animation, levels design etc.) in order to decrease development costs.

Game Development
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